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высоко масштабируемые системы для объектного хранения данных
Высокопроизводительные серверы

Get familiar with beautiful
YADRO VESNIN Gen1 architecture

Power and efficiency in every feature

Rapid enterprise computing

VESNIN Gen1 architecture is optimized to balance capacity and performance of all major server resources for data-intensive applications.

VESNIN Gen1 demonstrates the maximum potential of OpenPOWER architecture with 4 RISC CPUs ranging from 8 to 12 SMT8 cores each.
SMT8 cores each
up to

Data processing

OpenPOWER processors of VESNIN Gen1 ensure true parallel execution of your tasks on up to 8 threads without context switching. Each core works with 512K L2 and 8M L3 cache, and extra CPU-level L4 cache is added in Centaur memory buffers to further accelerate heavy enterprise workloads.

Efficient virtualization

VESNIN Gen1 is ready for virtualization workloads based on KVM hypervisor. Flexibly share system resources among the virtual machines, consolidate applications and databases within VESNIN Gen1 for improved infrastructure utilization.



Power of open source

VESNIN Gen1 is officially certified for RedHat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Ubuntu and Debian are tested by YADRO. Any Linux distributions for ppc64 architecture fit VESNIN Gen1.

Large and fast memory

VESNIN offers outstanding memory size, scalability and density for dramatic performance boost in memory-intensive workloads.

Unexpected volume

YADRO designed ultradense memory risers to reach the outstanding goal of 8 TB RAM per server. Each of 16 risers installed in VESNIN Gen1 hosts up to 8 standard DDR4 memory modules and a Centaur buffer for a total of 128 RAM modules per host.

Maximum density

System design just couldn't be any denser — we engineered VESNIN Gen1 to use all available space inside the chassis for RAM capacity. Now your in-memory applications can pack quite a punch for a reasonable cost and low hardware footprint.

Fast and flexible storage

VESNIN Gen1 offers a number of local storage options. Choose from record-breaking fast and balanced all-NVMe setup, hybrid configs for ambivalent requirements, and cost-effective option getting rid of everything you won't ever need.

All-NVMe leader: Max performance for data-intensive workloads

VESNIN Gen1 default 24-drive NVMe storage is designed from scratch to unleash the entire potential of cutting-edge NVMe drives. It features a novel balanced architecture with drives distributed evenly across the CPUs. Zero bottlenecks and no intermediate layers between CPU and drives enable the astonishing performance of up to 12 mln IOPS and 60 GB/s of bandwidth. Get your 8 TB of RAM warmed up in less than 2 minutes.
drive NVMe storage
mln IOPS
GB/s of bandwidth
TB of RAM warmed up in less than 2 min

HDD and hybrid options

Flexible configurations for a variety of tasks and budgets
For workloads of mixed scale and type it's best to have an HDD or hybrid configuration of VESNIN Gen1. Instead of all-flash config, you can have up to 16 SAS drives connected to CPU0 and an extra optional batch of up to 8 NVMe flash for rapid tier — VESNIN Gen1 is flexible to match your budget and requirements.

Variety of I/O

Pick interconnect of your choice and make a combo.
VESNIN Gen1 offers up to 5 PCIe slots — actual number depends on the number of installed processors. Two of the slots are x16 with CAPI support, and the other 3 are x8. Your VESNIN Gen1 can come with optional expansion cards — choose from a variety of Ethernet, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel offerings.

Modern management

VESNIN Gen1 is easy to access and control. Management can be simply enjoyable.
VESNIN Gen1 is managed by YADRO custom OpenBMC-based firmware with rich enterprise features. Monitoring and management are performed via REST, WebUI, CLI, SNMP, and IPMI 2.0. YADRO is an active contributor to OpenBMC project.

Efficient power

Dual redundant high-efficient CRPS power supplies feed all components of VESNIN Gen1 server. Maximum configuration requires only 2.4 kW of power — you really save on power costs for all the RAM that comes with VESNIN Gen1.
kW of power

Compact dimensions

VESNIN Gen1 is a small giant with a lot of resources and capabilities in a very compact 2U rackmount chassis. Install it in any 1m-deep industry standard 19" rack.
rackmount chassis

Intensive cooling

Despite outstanding density, the system is efficiently cooled by 5 high-power fans. Working in N+1 configuration with hot swap, the fans make great job of squeezing the cold air through entire chassis to ensure VESNIN Gen1 stays cool under any load.
high-power fans

Weight champion

Packing huge compute, storage and memory resources in a single dense box spares you of unnecessary weight of unnecessary enclosures, boards, fans and power supplies. The biggest VESNIN Gen1 you can get weights only about 41 kg / 90 lbs.
41 kg / 90 lbs

Physical features

VESNIN Gen1 is powerful — but also compact, lightweight, efficient and simply cool.
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