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Высокопроизводительные серверы
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A Data-Intensive Hurricane

Engineered for modern data-intensive applications with outstanding density and TCO

Workload-centric design

We have engineered VESNIN Gen1 to fuel lightning-fast data extraction and deliver meaningful insights to your business leaders and employees with the goal to enable data-driven decision-making and continuous business evolution. The server is optimized for in-memory and other data-intensive workloads and offers significant advantages in high-impact application environments. It increases the value provided by BI&HTAP deployments and helps to optimize TCO associated with high-performance data processing installations.

VESNIN Gen1 server is designed for enterprise customers who are constrained by limitations of traditional architectures in modern-era applications and considering adoption of innovative architectures and deployment of alternative platforms from emerging vendors.
Named after Vesnin brothers, the leaders of constructivist architecture, VESNIN™ server system truthfully follows the main constructivism principle with functionality and purpose defining the composition and appearance of the product.

Devised for the function

Key features

• The only server with 8TB and 12mln IOPS in 2U
• Optimized price/TB and TCO model
• Powerful benefits from leveraging Open Source technology
mln IOPS

High density at an optimized price

Scaling up to 8TB of memory in compact 2U chassis, VESNIN servers consolidate resources to offer a customer-friendly price per terabyte of RAM and a significantly optimized TCO model.

VESNIN Gen1 server systems enable you to get more business value from the resources at hand. If your enterprise is constrained by the legacy IT infrastructure, you can effortlessly consolidate existing workloads on VESNIN Gen1 machines to delay or completely avoid building new data centers at skyrocketing costs.

Unmatched price/TB memory value for a single server system

Building a large-memory infrastructure based on VESNIN Gen1 servers, you can cut costs on extra enclosures, motherboards, CPUs, drives, power supplies, and other expensive components server systems contain. Whenever a business needs a high RAM space, installing a small number of VESNIN Gen1 servers creates the same memory volume as a large group of commodity x86 servers. If you need memory, VESNIN Gen1 enables you to enjoy as low technology and cost overhead as it is possible.

Excellence in architecture

We have integrated density, volume and bandwidth capabilities into YADRO VESNIN Gen1 server with the goal to offer unprecedented technology benefits to our enterprise customers. Mere 2U of rack space host up to 8TB RAM and give you 12mln IOPS while working with data on NVMe drives — with the ultimate goal to deliver tangible business benefits through excellent performance.

Lightning-fast data processing

Our VESNIN Gen1 server has been consciously engineered for data-intensive applications such as transaction processing, in-memory platforms, real-time analytics and IoT stream processing — so that your business can enjoy unprecedented acceleration by boosting these workloads with VESNIN Gen1.

High memory and storage bandwidth per core

Each CPU core inside VESNIN Gen1 servers has lightning-fast access to data stored in server memory and drives to enable a top-notch processing performance.
Available VESNIN Gen1 CPU options range from 8 to 12 cores, with maximum OpenPOWER memory bandwidth of 460 GB/s per system. Local NVMe storage scores outstanding performance of up to 12 mln IOPS and 60 GB/s of bandwidth. Balanced across sockets, it gives each CPU core plenty of drive performance.

With high memory and storage bandwidth per core, VESNIN Gen1 server is an optimal IT solution for data-intensive workloads associated with rapid processing of large data volumes and streams. Fast data transfer combined with powerful computing resources is a must-have capability that enables efficiency in modern workloads.

Enjoy outstanding TCO

Unsurpassed memory density on the 2U enterprise server market makes VESNIN Gen1 server a TCO leader. On top of one-time savings, you'll save money on ongoing payments for rack space, electricity, cooling, maintenance, support, and software licenses — due to the fact that all these costs keep adding up throughout the installation lifetime. In addition, you'll need fewer switches and UPS equipment if you consolidate resources while leveraging the power of VESNIN Gen1 servers.

Leveraging the power of open source technology

Collaboration with the best and the brightest in the open-source community is at the heart of YADRO strategy. As a result, VESNIN Gen1 is inspired by breakthrough ideas, top-notch expertise and novel IT approaches shared among open source technology evangelists on a constant basis with the goal to accelerate and fuel innovation.

Foundation for a solution

The wave of digital transformation engulfs entire economies. Companies from various industries face the challenge to become more efficient and flexible, offer new custom-tailored services and innovative products.

New technology platforms are necessary to meet the requirements of the digital era. The impressive benefits of YADRO products attract customers from many industries.

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