высокопроизводительные серверы для взыскательных заказчиков
сбалансированные серверные платформы для универсальных нагрузок
централизованное ПО управления устройствами YADRO
семейство систем хранения данных начального уровня
cистемы хранения для корпоративных приложений, аналитики и платформ виртуализации
высоко масштабируемые системы для объектного хранения данных
Высокопроизводительные серверы
линейка коммутаторов для центров обработки данных

Boost your workloads with YADRO VESNIN™ Gen1

VESNIN Gen1 is designed with a workload-centric approach to offer significant advantages in high-impact application environments.
Capacity and performance
With 8 TB RAM and balanced NVMe local storage featuring up to 12 mln IOPS and 60 GB/s VESNIN Gen1 has become the leading server for data-intensive workloads.
Transaction processing
High-speed VESNIN Gen1 memory boosts processing performance, while fast local storage accelerates snapshot operations and improves safety of transactional data.
IoT data stream processing
Balanced I/O capabilities enable VESNIN Gen1 to capture a data stream with up to 320 Gbit/s of aggregated bandwidth. The incoming data can be processed in real time on VESNIN Gen1 to ensure customer situational awareness.
In-memory platforms
VESNIN Gen1 outstanding memory capacity and bandwidths enable bigger in-memory databases for more advanced customer systems. It helps to handle available data with smaller in-memory data grids to minimize overhead costs for hardware and software associated with clusterization.
Fast analytics
VESNIN Gen1 is a memory giant that offers an opportunity to analyze more data at once and do it faster, gaining quicker and deeper insights. Plenty of analysts can work with data simultaneously without an impact on performance.
3 steps to achieving your business goals with VESNIN servers
Contact us. Discuss your requirements and obtain expert guidance on how to effectively address your organization's business and technology objectives
Request a demo. Access an online demo or test VESNIN Gen-1 servers on your site with support of YADRO engineers
Leverage VESNIN Gen-1 to enable your current and strategic goals. Start a mutually beneficial collaboration with YADRO, a local market leader in the high-performance server segment*