Advanced technologies, powerful alliances and open collaboration — this is the YADRO recipe for the rapid progress, proven by practice. Enjoy the taste of this mix, just like we do.
Why we can
Great things are created by great people. It takes a special company to accumulate and nurture talents. Become familiar with YADRO culture and become a fan or a valued team member.
Who we are
Передовые технологии, мощные стратегические партнерства и открытая коллаборация являются рецептом YADRO для достижения прорывов в сфере высоких технологий, доказанных на деле.
Что дает нам импульс к прогрессу
Все прекрасное в мире создается талантливыми людьми. Для сплочения и взращивания талантов требуется особая команда. Познакомьтесь с культурой YADRO и станьте ценителем или неотъемлемой частью нашей команды.
О нашей команде

Reshaping the industries

YADRO products help companies from various industries in their transformation for new efficiency levels and competitive edges
Like a beacon shows the way to all ships in the sea, YADRO sheds a guiding light for technology transformation to customers from various industries. Find a way through raging waves of digital disruption with us to reach the blessed shores of a new technology age.

A guidance for everyone

Digital age in banking demands new tech platform to offer new services and get ahead of the competition.


It's not only about hoards of goods, constellation of shops and millions of customers. Today retail is keen on big data and real-time analytics that help to earn a fortune.


Moving passengers and shipping goods, transport companies today are expected to deliver new custom-tailored services enabled by modern tech platforms. YADRO shows the way to make it happen.


Manufacturing business has always valued efficiency and quality. Industry 4.0 brings these features to previously unmatched heights. Do you have the required technology to make yourself modern?
Telecom companies operate huge streams and volumes of data. In the modern world it's a valued resource and grand opportunity.