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We've meticulously engineered TATLIN.ARCHIVE, TATLIN.UNIFIED, TATLIN.UNIFIED.SE and TATLIN.OBJECT to enable enterprise goals delivering high reliability with outstanding performance, data integrity and TCO

Robust storage platforms for the data-driven era

A trusted data storage leader in Russia

According to the IDC's quarterly research and full-year results for 2019, YADRO is the undisputed leader in external data storage in Russia in terms of capacity with a 63.92% market share. Sales in 2019 almost doubled, and as a result our team entered the list of industry leaders for the first time, ranking second in terms of sales revenue with a market share of just under 20%.

In 2019, YADRO sold a total of 1.3 exabytes of storage, which is unique not only for the Russian market, and therefore contributed to the storage market growth as a whole.
Named after a prominent constructivist architect Vladimir Tatlin, TATLIN storage systems seamlessly integrate innovations strategically introduced by YADRO engineers in both the software layer and the hardware layer.

Powered by integrated innovation

Avantgarde storage architecture

YADRO team investigated the everyday storage experience of our enterprise customers and thoughtfully revised traditional storage approaches. We combined cutting-edge technology with our unique hardware and software designs.

Outstanding hardware performance

Both TATLIN.ARCHIVE and TATLIN.UNIFIED are built on OpenPOWER platform which enables unprecedented bandwidth capabilities, reliable data protection accelerated by vector computation and outstanding performance by deep parallelization in I/O processing.

We believe in the power of global technology collaboration and make significant contributions to the OpenPOWER community and technology evolution as a Platinum member of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

Modern data integrity

As drive capacities continue to grow, the old-fashioned methods of ensuring data integrity have turned ineffective and obsolete. The TATLIN family storage products utilize a custom-made tool to ensure data integrity based on the Reed-Solomon error correcting codes. The modern approach brings a high level of data protection, flexible redundancy policies and support for heterogeneous drive sets. Lightning-fast storage recovery after a drive failure enables its overall reliability and resiliency.

YADRO owns and manages end-to-end production cycle of the TATLIN storage platform — from hardware design and software development to product manufacturing and support.

In-house technology design

Enterprise-level object storage system for managing large volumes of unstructured data



YADRO created the first generation of TATLIN.ARCHIVE solution as part of our storage product portfolio under the brand name TATLIN. By rethinking archive storage methods and adopting modern technologies like ultra-high capacity enterprise drives we designed the storage system with a unique price/performance ratio and effortless simplicity for long-term compliant archiving.

Video surveillance or network activity feeds, data backups or simply cold user data can now be archived at high data rates in a cost-effective fashion. Outstanding economy and performance are the reasons for the dominant position TATLIN.ARCHIVE gained on the domestic storage market by reaching more than 1,000 petabytes shipments.


TATLIN.UNIFIED is YADRO's first generation of hybrid mid-range storage solution. Our technology team strategically revised traditional storage approaches and came up with unique product design to enable an affordable storage system with unmatched performance, density and TCO characteristics which suit a wide range of primary storage workloads.

Applications like real-time analytics gain performance boost and deliver additional business value by leveraging extremely fast and low latency NVMe flash tiers. TATLIN.UNIFIED storage reliability is ensured by flexible data protection policies, failure-resilient hardware design and custom AI algorithms for complex failure prediction.
Modernized storage system for virtual environments, enterprise applications and databases


Is a set of tools including connectors, plagins, drivers and templates to integrate TATLIN family storage systems with external applications. Satellites release cycle stands out among other storage product cycles for its dynamism that allows it to pursue a flexible approach towards market trends and prioritize compatible software development.

The release cycle of this product is more dynamic compared to the storage product cycles, it allows to take into account new market trends flexibly and prioritize compatible software development.

Satellite materials are available to all TATLIN systems customers for free on documentation portal.