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Achieve your individual enterprise goals, effortlessly scale storage infrastructure and deliver operational excellence

TATLIN.Archive: a leading technology player in robust storage solutions

Need to enable long-term data archiving?

Our engineers meticulously reassessed a traditional approach to creating enterprise data archiving solutions with the ultimate goal to design a robust, scalable storage system and efficiently support business and technology goals of our enterprise customers. As a result of YADRO's engineering endeavor, TATLIN.Archive delivers unique price/performance ratio and effortless simplicity in strategic, long-term archiving. The system offers built-in modern cloud technology capability and ultra-dense high-capacity enterprise drives.
According to the IDC 2018 EMEA Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker report, TATLIN.Archive Gen1 achieved a dominant position on the domestic enterprise storage market with a 38,2% share of storage installations enabling 400+ PB of total raw capacity.

An acclaimed domestic storage leader

Quantum-leap data archiving at multi-petabyte scale

With strategic, modular design and scalable architecture, TATLIN.Archive offers a turnkey data archiving solution to enable seamless multi-petabyte enterprise storage scalability, reliable and affordable performance. In addition, TATLIN.Archive is designed to avoid forklift upgrades and revenue loss due to system downtime.

An affordable, efficient storage investment

TATLIN.Archive enables cost-efficiency and scalability in its innovative architecture to ensure flexibility and secure, reliable long-term data archiving. Our data archiving solution empowers enterprises to start archiving with a single enterprise storage unit in one location and subsequently expand data archive capacity and geography without any limitations.

When our enterprise customers need to scale out their storage architecture based on emerging technology and business needs, TATLIN.Archive serves as a foundation to enable easy, flexible storage expansion in granular increments to avoid increasing enterprise costs and complexity.

Built on a modular storage platform designed by YADRO's forward-thinking engineers, TATLIN.Archive offers ultra-high density and capacity tailored to support enterprise-critical archive workloads. In addition, our archive solution enables ongoing cost optimization to meet your enterprise efficiency goals.
Discover the high performance and failure resilient PCIe fabric — the newest technology for storage backbone.

Leave obsolete and slow storage in the past

TATLIN storage system runs on a modular hardware platform flexible for a variety of workloads. Storage controllers and drive enclosures are integrated within a unified PCI Express fabric. All components are made redundant and the fabric controller has no single point of failure — your data is safe with TATLIN.

TATLIN architecture

Storage controllers
Perform the computations and run the TATLIN software. Storage controllers are based on YADRO VESNIN hardware platform.
Fabric controllers
Manage the PCIe fabric that integrates all storage components. Host up to 128 drives and offer the best possible performance with NVMe media.
Drive enclosures
Host dense collection of capacious SAS drives to provide plenty of space for general or hybrid configurations.

failure-resilient archiving solution

TATLIN.Archive offers uncompromised yet flexible data protection policies, failure-resilient hardware design, redundant storage components, and home-brewed AI algorithms to enable accurate failure prediction. From the business efficiency standpoint, our innovative storage solution makes it easy for our enterprise customers to balance costs to ensure data archive security.

Effortless data
archive management

TATLIN.Archive enables ease of use and fast storage provisioning to support your enterprise archival needs. It offers RESTFUL management API, and a comprehensive yet user-friendly UI, as well as CLI interface. With a broad set of management and monitoring capabilities, TATLIN.Archive is designed to enable seamless and easy integration into existing archive infrastructures.

Top-notch performance enabled by OpenPOWER

YADRO engineers strategically selected OpenPOWER platform which enables unprecedented bandwidth capabilities, reliable data protection accelerated by vector computation and outstanding performance by deep parallelization in I/O processing.