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High-performance servers designed for challenging workloads and the growing needs of our enterprise customers.
High-performance servers designed for challenging workloads and the growing needs of our enterprise customers.

Best servers on the national market

At YADRO, we are constantly improving our products, aiming for an ambitious goal to make them the best on the market while leveraging an innovative and pragmatic approach. Our team designs all hardware and software in-house, which enables YADRO engineers to quickly ramp up expertise and meticulously study the best industry achievements. Determination and focus on making VEGMAN servers better each quarter has enabled YADRO to secure the leading and annually increasing share on the Russian market. According to the IDC summary of 2021 business, YADRO is in the top-three vendors in Russia for industry standard x86 servers.

Function is at the core

VEGMAN™ servers are named after George Vegman, a prominent Russian constructivist architect. The server design reflects the main principle of constructivism, i.e. product functionality and purpose determine its architecture and appearance. All components are carefully designed and hand-picked to ensure the most efficient performance of their key functions.


Product personalization and customer involvement

We look after our client's needs at different stages of collaboration: our clients are welcome to take part in the server development process; we deliver 100% local support during complex implementation phases.

Integrity of support and expertise

Our own professional support teams from Level 0 to Level 3 serve 24 × 7 to ensure your peace of mind and provide confidence that all potential challenges will be solved instantaneously.

Proven success

Trust is the basis of our relationship with clients: we have a proven track record in developing robust enterprise server systems for leading Russian organizations.

Constant improvement

Hundreds of engineers at several YADRO R&D centers are constantly working on improving all server system features and management functionality.

Dedication to quality

The system is designed, developed and assembled at our own manufacturing plants in Russia and at the factories of our carefully selected, reliable technology partners both in Russia and abroad.
YADRO owns and manages the end-to-end VEGMAN production cycle — from hardware design and software development to product manufacturing and support.

In-house Innovation

VEGMAN Product Lines

The VEGMAN family offers several lines:

— robust servers for general workloads

VEGMAN S — storage-optimized servers for corporate content

VEGMAN N — network traffic processing servers

Each line has a distinct architecture and design tailored for best performance on theme workloads.

Our priorities for VEGMAN server enhancement

Enrich management functionality

Enable further integration with third-party software for data center management and server monitoring
Refine mechanical design for improved ergonomics, further simplified operations and maintenance, and more efficient cooling

Certify compatibility with additional OSs and hypervisors

Use a growing toolset for seamless integration with 3rd party management and monitoring systems. Satellites are compatible with all VEGMAN servers offered by YADRO. Meticulously studying priorities of our customers, we are constantly enlarging the constellation of VEGMAN Satellites.

VEGMAN® Satellites

Meet VEGMAN R120 Server

The first Russian mainstream system optimized for accelerating a broad range of modern and traditional workloads. Hybrid local storage is enhanced with expansion flexibility: the server offers an extra OCP3.0 slot in addition to 3 standard PCIe slots.

VEGMAN S220/S320 servers

The first enterprise-class servers for high-density and cost-effective storage of large data volumes in modern environments.
3 steps to achieving your business goals with VEGMAN servers
Contact us. Discuss your requirements and obtain expert guidance on how to effectively address your organization's business and technology objectives.
Request a demo. Access an online demo or test VEGMAN servers on your site with support of YADRO engineers.
Leverage VEGMAN servers to enable your current and strategic goals. Start a mutually beneficial collaboration with YADRO, a local market leader in the high-performance server segment*.
* According to IDC's quarterly and full-year research for 2019, YADRO is among the top three market leaders in the high-performance server segment in Russia