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React to your IoT events in the right way

Data streams grow with spread of IoT systems and demand timely reaction for any important events reported.
There are more and more devices around us that are connected to network and send telemetry. Those tens of millions devices generate massive traffic and it keeps growing. If that traffic is directed to your IT system — you'll have to be capable to receive and analyze it in real time to react on any events in a timely fashion.
• Aggregate large streams of IoT data for processing
• Analyze the data streams on the fly
• React on the events within the required timeframe

With VESNIN Gen1, you:

A rare powerhouse

A fully stocked VESNIN can handle an inbound stream with aggregated bandwidth of up to 320 Gbit/s. There are few systems in the world capable of it, and practically none in 2U form factor.

Make value out of captured data

Large memory and deep parallelization help to process the data stream on the same VESNIN server where it lands.