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Give your business a promotion with VESNIN™

Improve user satisfaction and enhance business efficiency with cutting edge in-memory data management platforms
Bigger memory and higher processing speed — these are the fundamental requirements for all in-memory application infrastructure platforms.
• Process more data faster
• Simplify large-memory installations
• Minimize overhead costs

With VESNIN Gen1, you:

The server for in-memory era

In-memory software platforms bring new levels of performance and scalability desperately demanded by enterprise customers. A huge and growing market, in-memory application infrastructure offerings are becoming a gold standard in the digital business.

Host bigger databases

VESNIN Gen1 outstanding memory capacity and bandwidths enables bigger in-memory databases for more advanced customer systems. Deploy your SAP HANA or Redis installations on VESNIN Gen1 servers to gain the advantage.

Simplify your in-memory data grids

Handle available data with fewer systems to minimize hardware, software and performance overheads for clusterization. Consolidate GridGain, Hazelcast or Terracotta clusters and improve overall performance.