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Find actionable insights to unveil your competitive advantage

Your digital business lives off faster and deeper knowledge derived in real-time from various data flows.
Modern BI software brings data to memory for faster executions of analytic queries run over large datasets. Advanced HTAP systems handle live event streams and process operational data as it arrives. Eliminating the need for precalculated datacubes, these systems provide answers in real-time but require a lot of memory.

With VESNIN Gen1, you:

• Analyze more data at once
• Achieve deeper real-time insights
• Speed up the value extraction from data

Minimize time to value with max efficiency

Record-breakingly fast and balanced all-NVMe local storage of VESNIN brings data up to memory with blazing speed. You get the value from data in minimal time and analyze it with maximum efficiency.

Broaden your scope to find a deeper treasure

VESNIN Gen1 is designed to host significantly more memory than other servers with scale-out footprint — enabling BI and HTAP software run analytics over bigger datasets. You analyze more data and achieve deeper real-time insights, while enjoying reduced clusterization overheads.

Build the competitive advantage

Run BI & HTAP systems on VESNIN Gen1 to enable superior business flexibility practices like dynamic pricing.

Improve the value of your analytic systems

Any PPC64-compatible in-memory analytics software like SAP HANA or Polymatica installed on VESNIN Gen1 gives you more business value.