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Hybrid mid-range array for unified workloads


Revolution in storage economy

YADRO team thoughtfully revised traditional storage approaches and came up with unique product design to deliver game changing yet affordable storage system with unmatched performance, density and TCO capabilities perfect for wide range of enterprise workloads.
In the world of growing data and fast changing technologies factors like low time-to-market, service availability, reducing of TCO and OpEx becomes truly significant. At the same time old fashioned storage solutions breaks the balance between this factors, so to be the first players at the market enterprises needs fresh view on their infrastructures.

Thoroughly engineered for outstanding efficiency

Gain to next level of availability

Run your SQL or NOSQL databases based on storage with active-active storage controllers, synchronous symmetric replication, all hardware components redundancy and configurable protection policies.

Reduce TCO and OpEx

By avoiding in-house developed content storage or open-source solutions. Based on analytics – development and support of in-house storage solutions 30% more expensive then out-of-the box product.

Boost your performance

Unlock the real SSD power with NVMe storage tier and smart SSD cache for your IaaS or VDI environments. Any hypervisor is supported: ESX, Hyper-V or KVM.

Reliable data protection

Customizable data protection technology with minimal redundancy based on Reed-Solomon codes

Smart cache

Ultra low latency persistent smart cache shared among controllers

TATLIN.Unified features

Hybrid storage

Simultaneously operates NVMe/SAS SSDs and SAS/NL-SAS drives

Best in class performance

Deep parallelization in IO processing

Dispose the obsolete

TATLIN software stack designed free of legacy code constraints for maximum storage performance

Flexible software architecture

Container-based microservices enhance storage flexibility and scalability

Unified access

TATLIN supports block, file and object workloads to handle all your tasks

Fault tolerance

Components and the fabric are designed without a single point of failure
As IT workloads evolve rapidly cost of time wasted on storage replacement grows. TATLIN storage scales and evolves along your business without downtime. And there is no need to replace hardware every time you take the next step ahead.

Accelerating changes

Smart investment in universal storage

Flexibility of YADRO TATLIN architecture enables smooth but variable adjustments of the system configuration to deliver the exact solution for every individual customer making storage investments smart and fair. TATLIN scales up and out without any need in replacement of storage components making adjustments easy on budget and completely transparent for applications and business.

First storage system for web and cloud applications

Web/cloud applications volume and significance grows dramatically. Enterprises moves more and more environments to the cloud and replaces old fashioned software by web/cloud versions. Based on this trend TCO and RAS factors becomes key indicators.

Change the way to store your data

With TATLIN.UNIFIED object protocols set designed to meet the requirements of all modern web applications.

Launch new web services simply

By organizing storage infrastructure in most effective manner. TATLIN.UNIFIED can be used as content storage for any application and any type of unstructured data including images, audio, video.
Discover the high performance and failure resilient PCIe fabric — the newest technology for storage backbone.

Leave obsolete and slow storage in the past

TATLIN storage system runs on a modular hardware platform flexible for a variety of workloads. Storage controllers and drive enclosures are integrated within a unified PCI Express fabric. All components are made redundant and the fabric controller has no single point of failure — your data is safe with TATLIN.

TATLIN architecture

Storage controllers
Perform the computations and run the TATLIN software. Storage controllers are based on YADRO VESNIN hardware platform.
Fabric controllers
Manage the PCIe fabric that integrates all storage components. Host up to 128 drives and offer the best possible performance with NVMe media.
Drive enclosures
Host dense collection of capacious SAS drives to provide plenty of space for general or hybrid configurations.

Maximum performance

Optimized for NVMe drives to leverage as much zero-copy opportunities as possible to save IO time spent with storage controllers

Dynamic adjustments

Enables smooth but variable adjustments of the system configuration and dynamic controller balancing

Total integration

Integrates all system components together to provide storage controllers with seamless but shared access to entire storage space

Enforced reliability

All interconnect between system components is made with redundant links via independent switches. Storage architecture is designed without a single point of failure.

Contemporary software stack

TATLIN software stack combines the best open source storage technologies with unique services designed in-house by YADRO team.

YADRO software provides distributed storage, storage management and scale up object storage.

Container-based microservices

Modern software architecture enhances storage flexibility and scalability.

Dispose the obsolete

TATLIN software stack is unleashed from the constraints of legacy code for maximum storage performance.
Flexible TATLIN architecture builds the basement for various system configurations starting from small and ultrafast all-flash systems up to hybrid petabyte scale SAS deployments.

Flexible architecture

Data deduplication
Powerful technology that boosts storage utilization efficiency by elimination of exact copies of once stored data. You can save more unique data and have more time until your next storage expansion.
Modern data integrity protection
Data is sprayed across all drives and enclosures with customizable redundancy. Special coding makes recovery of lost or damaged data easy. TATLIN offers faster recovery with less overhead compared to traditional data protection technology.
Smart cache
Ultra low latency persistent smart cache shared among storage controllers accelerates the performance by reducing CPU load taking over substantial part of CPU intensive data reduction operations.
Save the space
By implementing the archiving solution based on TATLIN.UNIFIED charged by REST-based object protocol designed for archiving purposes as well as compression and deduplication.