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Reach a breakthrough in enterprise IT expectations. Become an origin of innovation.
Experts of innovation
At the core of everything we do is a team of experienced talents in technology, management and product delivery. Empowered by over 1000s total years of experience in delivering excellence of world tech giants, we are mature, but open minded and innovative. Enthusiastic to deliver game-changing solution to address IT transformation challenges.
Avantgarde evangelists
Having absorbed the spectre of modern IT through experience and collaboration, we spread the light of guidance to the modern and future technology. Share the enlightenment and embrace the incoming breakthroughs with YADRO.
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Creators of extraordinary
Unconstrained by legacy, YADRO enjoys the freedom to create extraordinary products based on novel architectures. Tailored for innovative workloads, our systems boost business transformation.
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Efficient for people
Helping people from various industries transform their business is what drives us. Inspired to create the necessary and advanced solutions, we work with innovative customers from many fields.
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Open and allied
Every technology revolution happens through joint effort. We are dedicated to advance together with brightest people in the industry. Open technology and open minds combined produce truly disruptive results.
Our alliances
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Unlimited creativity
Nothing is impossible. At YADRO we never put limits on the things we are doing. Whatever everyone in the team can imagine or dream today, becomes the product tomorrow, that's how we see the innovation.
Engineering excellence
Excellence in everything we do — it is not an engineering philosophy, it is just a duty. Quality is an essential part of our engineering DNA. We are building the things everyone is proud about.
Innovation philosophy
There is nothing persistent in the universe, the world is changing at the speed of light. We question the maturity of technology looking for innovation, revisiting traditional approaches to make the world even better than it is today.
An engineering culture
Being an engineer does not mean to be the technology guru. Being engineer means to solve the problems universe puts against humans. No matter at which area you occupation lies at. As long as you see the problem, attack and eventually address you can call yourself 'the engineer'. At YADRO the engineering is not a degree or occupation, it is the culture.
Careers at YADRO
IT game-changer
YADRO is a technology company committed to influencing the way enterprises address their IT transformation challenges and offering game-changing products with outstanding quality. Powered by a team of knowledgeable talents combining a wide range of experience gained through the years of contribution to the success of leading technology companies.