Advanced technologies, powerful alliances and open collaboration — this is the YADRO recipe for the rapid progress, proven by practice. Enjoy the taste of this mix, just like we do.
Why we can
Great things are created by great people. It takes a special company to accumulate and nurture talents. Become familiar with YADRO culture and become a fan or a valued team member.
Who we are
Мы открываем, конструируем, разрабатываем и создаем. Совершаем прорывы в технологиях корпоративного уровня. Становимся источником инноваций. Создаем выдающиеся продукты для современных технологических задач.
Наше призвание
Передовые технологии, мощные стратегические партнерства и открытая коллаборация являются рецептом YADRO для достижения прорывов в сфере высоких технологий, доказанных на деле.
Что дает нам импульс к прогрессу
Все прекрасное в мире создается талантливыми людьми. Для сплочения и взращивания талантов требуется особая команда. Познакомьтесь с культурой YADRO и станьте ценителем или неотъемлемой частью нашей команды.
О нашей комнанде

Рост и развитие компании YADRO

Узнайте о ключевых моментах, определяющих рост технологической компании

Скачать WhitePaper IDC
IDC surveyed organizations about their experiences with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud versus their previous approach to infrastructure, then quantified the differences. They share details in the paper that you can use to understand the implications to your business by using Nutanix solutions that are built on hyperconverged infrastructure.

Proactive multi-channel monitoring

The YADRO Success Factors:


Financial Sustainability

The foundations of YADRO's outstanding growth in 2018 and 2019 came from its OEM business, which was set up in early 2014.

Strategic Partnerships

Part of YADRO's rapid growth can be attributed to an intelligent partnering strategy. Being an active contributing member of many industry communities and partnering with global technology leaders has shaped YADRO's ability to innovate.

The Emerging Supplier Environment

Addressing Russian local market needs and legislation requirements, YADRO has successfully leveraged the opportunity to support and develop mission-critical server platforms for Russian- owned enterprise suppliers by fulfilling their growing need to become compliant.

Investment into Critical Skills

From its foundation, YADRO has prioritized recruiting high quality engineers with strong experience in enterprise infrastructure. The company has also placed an emphasis on creating a company structure and a culture where engineers are motivated to create innovative solutions with a meaningful business impact.
Скачать WhitePaper IDC
During the course of just three years the high technology engineering company YADRO has emerged as a major player in the Russian enterprise infrastructure market. A Russian-based vendor has never placed this high in the Russian enterprise storage systems market ever since IDC's research in this sector in Russia began in 1999.

The purpose of this white paper is to explain YADRO's current market position and to share the IDC's view on how this kind of explosive business growth could occur.

New Market Trends and Challenges

YADRO has product specialists and experts that can devote proportionally much more time to customer issues than can the global hardware manufacturers – especially if issues need to be resolved on site.