We discover and design, develop and deliver. Reach a breakthrough in enterprise IT expectations. Become an origin of innovation. Create prominent products for modern workloads.
What we do
Advanced technologies, powerful alliances and open collaboration — this is the YADRO recipe for the rapid progress, proven by practice. Enjoy the taste of this mix, just like we do.
Why we can
Great things are created by great people. It takes a special company to accumulate and nurture talents. Become familiar with YADRO culture and become a fan or a valued team member.
Who we are

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission, why we exist, what wakes us up every morning
How We Do What We Do

Hire and Develop the Best

Leaders raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion. They recognize exceptional talent, and willingly move them throughout the organization. Leaders develop leaders and take seriously their role in coaching others. We work on behalf of our people to invent mechanisms for development like Career Choice.
Our Team Is at the Core of Everything We Do

What We Offer

Unleash the power of your personal & professional potential
Join a team of like-minded professionals & human beings
Contribute to creating the future of global technology

What We Are Looking For

Ability to listen and accept other view points
Ability to think outside the box, curiosity
Being open to help out and desire to share with others
Meet Your Future Team Members
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Cutting-Edge Enterprise Servers & Storage

Moscow R&D Center

Excellence in everything we do is not only our engineering philosophy — it is our built-in, heartfelt commitment to our team, customers and the world. Outstanding quality is an integral part of our engineering DNA. Designing IT solutions every team member is proud of is of vital importance to our team spirit.

St. Petersburg R&D Center

There is nothing static in the Universe. In today's world more than ever, everything is changing at the speed of light. Innovation is no longer an option if your business wants not only to survive but thrive today and tomorrow. At YADRO, our philosophy is to challenge traditional IT approaches where they no longer serve our enterprise customers, and offer ground-breaking solutions that address today's business challenges and create a solid yet flexible foundation to enable sustainable business results in the future.
Our Own End-to-End Manufacturing Facility
Collaboration is the Foundation We Build Upon

With our clients

With global consortiums

With research institutes