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VEGMAN S220/S320 Servers: Product Tour

Storage convenience and server efficiency

Tiered storage

Take advantage of the multi-tier architecture of the built-in storage—get a sizeable HDD disk space for basic data, SSD for hot data with accelerated access, and M.2 drives with a separate RAID for the OS. Balance data processing performance and storage drive costs.

High-capacity primary storage subsystem

The primary storage subsystem in VEGMAN S220/S320 servers is built on SAS/SATA drives of the LFF form factor. As a result, storage cost per terabyte is very low. We placed the drives in several rows inside the chassis so that the storage space could be scaled to 512 TB while density — to 170.6 TB/U. At the same time, all drives in any row are hot-swappable and can be accessed individually.
Some types of data require the fastest access possible, e.g. log files, swap partitions, and application cache. To enable their convenient storage, VEGMAN servers can house up to four separate NVMe drives in the rear bays. These drives are connected directly to CPUs. If required, the same bays can host SATA drives connected to the RAID controller on the chipset.
To enable installation of operating systems and hypervisors, VEGMAN servers provide capability to install two SATA M.2 drives installed inside the chassis. By default, they are managed by an in-built RAID controller on the chipset. There is also an option to add a separate cost-effective RAID controller on the mezzanine board. This option is required to enable the installation of VMware® ESXi on M.2 drives due to the technical characteristics of this hypervisor.

High-performance drives for storing hot data

Compact drives for OS

Intensive data exchange without bottlenecks

VEGMAN S220/S320 servers have 4 built-in 1/10GbE SFP+ interfaces. As a result, you might not need to install adapters in the expansion slots in order to integrate the servers into a modern network infrastructure. If necessary, you can easily order an alternative configuration with high-speed Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and InfiniBand adapters.

Balanced configuration

The scalable disk subsystem and the optimal configuration of expansion adapters can be easily supplemented with GPU or FPGA accelerators. It'll enable efficient local processing of large data streams by leveraging modern intelligent tools.

Modern computing resources

VEGMAN S220/S320 servers are based on the latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable v2 processors. The servers support CPU installation with any thermal package from this product line. You can select an optimal processor depending on the compute intensity of your workloads.
CPUs (x86-64)
205 W
up to

Optimal memory

While focusing on the capabilities of a built-in storage subsystem, VEGMAN S220/S320 servers can scale up to 1.5 TB of RAM.

Modern OS and hypervisors

VEGMAN S220/S320 servers are built on the industry-standard x86-64 platform and can work with all popular OSs and hypervisors compatible with this architecture. We are working on official compatibility certification for an extensive list of OSs and hypervisors.

Open management technology

YADRO supports open technology development and is an active member and contributor to the OpenBMC project. Our engineers strategically selected OpenBMC as the foundation for the management and monitoring subsystem in VEGMAN S220/S320 servers, supplementing it by a wide range of enterprise-level functions. You can use REST, WebUI, CLI and IPMI 2.0 interfaces to monitor and manage the servers.
Use a growing toolset for seamless integration with 3rd party management and monitoring systems.

VEGMAN® Satellites

High resource efficiency

80PLUS Platinum power supply units provide a reliable power source to VEGMAN® storage systems and allow you to save on data center electricity and cooling costs. In the configuration maximum that contains accelerators, the power consumption of VEGMAN S220 server can reach about 1,600 W. For the S320, it is about 2,000 W.
VEGMAN servers use powerful and efficient hot-swappable cooling fans featuring N+1 redundancy. To maintain internal temperature at the required level during any workload, the S220 server utilizes five cooling modules, while the S320 server uses three.
All the extensive resources of VEGMAN servers fit in small and high-density chassis: 2U for the S220 servers and 3U for the S320 model, respectively. The systems can be installed in any industry standard 19" rack 1 m deep. For your convenience, a variety of rail types and an optional cable management guide are available.

Efficient cooling

Compact dimensions

A significant contribution to data storage technology

While offering such a scalable storage subsystem, VEGMAN servers have a moderate weight in its maximum configuration: the S220 server weighs up to 35 kg, while the S330 weighs up to 50 kg.
3 steps to achieving your business goals with VEGMAN S220/S320 servers
Contact us. Discuss your requirements and obtain expert guidance on how to effectively address your organization's business and technology objectives.
Request a demo. Access an online demo or test VEGMAN S220/S320 servers on your site with support of YADRO engineers.
Leverage VEGMAN S220/S320 servers to enable your current and strategic goals. Start a mutually beneficial collaboration with YADRO, a local market leader in the high-performance server segment*.
* According to IDC's quarterly and full-year research for 2019, YADRO is among the top three market leaders in the high-performance server segment in Russia