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Modern architecture and advanced storage paradigms enable flexible and efficient management while staying at the peak of technological progress

Next-generation midrange enterprise storage system

TATLIN.UNIFIED is what your organization expects from a data storage system

YADRO engineers have integrated all modern technologies into the new TATLIN.UNIFIED data storage after several years of rigorous development. The system offers a traditional set of features expected from midrange products, such as advanced performance, compatibility with various operating systems, high reliability, scalability, ease of management, and continuous evolution of technological capabilities.
Enables optimal performance by leveraging advanced computing resource and a large cache, as well as providing support for modern drives, including NVMe SSD modules.
Significantly reduces storage footprint in the data center by using high-density disk chassis and thereby reserving space for future expansion.
Ensures storage reliability by leveraging a tried and tested T-RAID module developed in-house. The module utilizes Reed-Solomon codes and provides significant flexibility when allocating resources.
Supports various operating systems including Linux, VMware and traditional Windows Server-based applications.
A modern GUI based on HTML5 technology allows browser-based system management. The traditional CLI interface, as well as the REST / API, enables a wide range of users — from basic to advanced — to quickly and easily manage the system.
Continuous improvement of system functionality through regular platform updates.


• More than 150 engineers at several YADRO R&D centers are constantly working on improving all storage system features.

• The system is designed, developed and assembled at our own manufacturing plants in Russia and at the factories of our carefully selected, reliable technology partners both in Russia and abroad.

• We look after our client's needs at different stages of collaboration: our clients are welcome to take part in the storage development process; we deliver 100% local support during complex implementation phases. Our own professional support teams from Level 0 to Level 3 serve 24x7 to ensure your peace of mind and provide confidence that all potential challenges will be solved instantaneously.

• Trust is the basis of our relationship with clients: we have a proven track record in developing robust enterprise storage systems for leading Russian organizations.

• YADRO partners with large training centers to prepare certified YADRO product specialists for your organization.

• Optimized TCO enables you to avoid wasting resources and ensure high performance, reliability, and data storage security.

Reliable data protection

Data protection technology with minimum redundancy can be customized by leveraging Reed-Solomon codes

Large nonvolatile cache

1 TB of cache used to speed up access to the latest information

TATLIN.UNIFIED specifications

Hybrid storage

NVMe/SAS SSDs and SAS/NL-SAS hard drives can be plugged in at the same time

High performance

Achieved by deep parallelization in IO processing

Dispose of obsolete technology

TATLIN.UNIFIED software stack is designed free of legacy code constraints for maximum storage performance

Flexible architecture

TATLIN.UNIFIED storage system has a modular hardware platform with storage controllers that can be placed in the controller chassis, as well as a wide range of disk expansion modules

Unified access

Fault tolerance

All data storage components are designed to eliminate a single point of failure
The current version of TATLIN.UNIFIED enables block access via FCP and iSCSI. File and object access protocols will be added to expand system functionality in future releases
TATLIN storage system runs on a modular hardware platform flexible for a variety of workloads. Storage controllers and drive enclosures are integrated within unified - high-performance PCI Express switches. All components are made redundant and have no single point of failure — your data is safe with TATLIN.

TATLIN.UNIFIED architecture

Drive enclosures
Host dense collection of cutting-edge NVMe modules as well as traditional SSD, SAS and NL-SAS drives to provide plenty of space for general or hybrid configurations.
Controller chassis with storage controllers
Unites all storage components through PCI Express technology. Storage controllers perform the computations and run the TATLIN software on Open Power.

P9 hardware platform.
TATLIN.UNIFIED is based on TATLIN.ARCHIVE data storage system that has proven itself for more than 2 years of operation in the corporate segment. The original platform was significantly expanded and improved in terms of all key indicators:

What is the difference between TATLIN.UNIFIED and TATLIN.ARCHIVE?

Future development priorities for TATLIN.UNIFIED

• Support more drives
• Increase system performance
• Support additional operating systems and applications
• Expand functional capabilities

Strategic investments in a universal data storage system for different industries

TATLIN.UNIFIED's flexible architecture enables you to easily configure the system in order to create a storage solution that will serve to enable your organization's goals and scale it without the need to replace storage components if required. System flexibility serves to reduce storage configuration costs and ensures seamless system integration without disruption to your current applications and other business tasks. As a result, your investment in a storage solution is smart and informed.

In the world of growing data volumes and rapidly changing technologies, factors such as low time-to-market, service availability, reduced TCO and OpEx become truly significant. Legacy storage systems are not capable of enabling balance between these factors. If one of your organization's goals is to become or remain a market leader, we recommend taking a fresh look at your current infrastructure in order to achieve reliable data processing and storage.

Powered by integrated innovation

TATLIN data storage systems are named after Vladimir Tatlin, a famous constructivist architect. During the development process, YADRO engineers strategically combined all kinds of innovative solutions both at the software and hardware levels. We believe that a product's form and design should be defined by its functions, while each component needs to serve a specific purpose while contributing to the overall purpose of the product.


Modernized storage system for virtual environments, enterprise applications and databases
3 steps to achieving your business goals with TATLIN storage
Contact us. Discuss your requirements and obtain expert guidance on how to effectively address your organization's business and technology objectives
Request a demo. Access an online demo or test TATLIN storage on your site with support of YADRO engineers
Leverage TATLIN storage to enable your current and strategic goals. Start a mutually beneficial collaboration with YADRO, the local market leader in external data storage*
* According to IDC's quarterly research for Q1 2020, YADRO took the leading position in the Russian market of external data storage systems (by supply volume) with a share of 64.7%.