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TATLIN.OBJECT Product overview

TATLIN.OBJECT — decentralized data storage network

The core of TATLIN.OBJECT is a decentralized storage network where each node is responsible for securely keeping your data. The hardware platform is based on generic compute nodes with high-performance latest-generation CPUs. System is scaled by adding more hardware nodes providing a wide range of solutions.

Scalable Architecture

Data Access

TATLIN.OBJECT is using its own efficient data access protocol based on gRPC, nevertheless it is possible to use specialized protocol gateways to access other protocols including S3 and HTTP(s).

Data access and system management is done via protocol gateways integrated with the lower layer data storage engine to avoid functionality duplication.
TATLIN.OBJECT system is based on the efficient storage engine enabling separate processing of small datasets and transparent streaming of large objects. Objects are handled in the same way regardless of their size (i.e. transparently for the user). High performance is achieved by scaling the storage network with additional storage nodes and support of concurrent requests processing.

High Performance

Outstanding Reliability

System reliability is achieved through a combination of several technologies and mechanisms including decentralized "no single point of failure" architecture and self-recovery capabilities. Data consistency and integrity is ensured through the data replication specified at the level of each container. System can operate in the HDD-only mode even when all SSD drives fail. In case of a failure system initiates self-recovery procedures and makes sure that objects storage scheme matches the defined storage policy.
TATLIN.OBJECT can be integrated with other applications and systems through an open-source SDK for Go.

TATLIN.OBJECT supports integration with Prometheus-compatible corporate monitoring systems.

There is also an open-source OCI plugin to enable containers storage in Kubernetes environments.

Available Software Integration

3 steps to achieving your business goals with TATLIN storage
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Request a demo. Access an online demo or test TATLIN storage on your site with support of YADRO engineers
Leverage TATLIN storage to enable your current and strategic goals. Start a mutually beneficial collaboration with YADRO, the local market leader in external data storage*
* According to IDC's quarterly research for Q1 2020, YADRO took the leading position in the Russian market of external data storage systems (by supply volume) with a share of 64.7%.